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Colterenzio Wines 

Schreckbichl Colterenzio
Colterenzio Wines Malta
Colterenzio Wines Malta-2019-SchreckbichlColterenzio.jpg

Colterenzio Winery

In the beginning: We do not look back on a long history, we are not a family company. We are one of the newest wineries in Alto Adige, and over 300 families work behind the winery scenes – some of them as a secondary occupation. They work year-round, and each autumn they deliver us their precious, hand-harvested grapes.


We have adopted the same practice in the cellar as our winegrowers use every day in the vineyards: that of working in harmony with nature for the best quality Colterenzio Wines in  Malta


Every wine is a work of art: Unique and unmistakeable.

No vintage is like any other, wine is a living being in a state of constant evolution. It is an expression of its terroir, formed by the climate, by the expert hand of the cellar master and by its own ripening process.

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