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BLANVILLE - Dissidentes

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Brand: Blanville

BLANVILLE - Dissidentes


Grenache Blanc & Roussanne


Blanville is a family winery located in Saint-Pargoire, near Montpellier in Hérault (34). Created in 1997 by Bernard and Béatrice Nivollet, they are currently handing over to their daughters and the Blanville team. This second generation wishing to offer a new complete range different from the historical cuvées, they then created “Les Créations”! Wines that appreciate their youth, remaining on the fruit and accessible! For these cuvées, no aging in barrels but a simple passage in stainless steel vats to faithfully reflect the grape varieties used.


Terroir: Peyrals, calcaire, 250m of altitude

Appellation: Vin de France

Color: White

Vintage: 2020

Harvest: Nocturnal

Alcohol: 14% Vol

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BLANVILLE - Dissidentes
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