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Domaine des 8 Lunes - Nouvelle Lune

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Brand: Blanville

Domaine des 8 Lunes - Nouvelle Lune


Grape Varieties: Aramon, Morrastel, Rivairenc, Terret


Blanville is a family wine estate located in Saint-Pargoire, next to Montpellier (Hérault,34). Founded in 1997 by Bernard and Béatrice Nivollet, they hand over to their daughters and the Blanville’s team.


The «Domaine des 8 Lunes» is the result of the new project from the 2nd generation : Give a second life to the «Forgotten varieties» which are old languedoc grape varietyies, and share them.


The vineyard is cultivated according to the principle of the biodynamie culture. It also means respecting the lunar calendar which is divided into 8 moon phases, which inspired the name of the domain.


Terroir: Clay/Limestone

Appellation: Vin de France

Color: Red

vintage: 2022

harvest: Manual

Alcohol: 13% Vol

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Domaine des 8 Lunes - Nouvelle Lune
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