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Brand: Colterenzio

The wine Pfefferer is named after the Pfefferer grape, a particular variety of the Muscat grape that in the Alto Adige dialect has always been called Pfefferer. Probably because the spicy aroma is reminiscent of pepper, since Pfeffer in German means pepper. The Pfefferer has delicate fruit aromas reminiscent of Muscat, youthful freshness – an excellent aperitif wine.


Tasting notes: The Muscat vine is among the world’s oldest and is found today in a variety of mutations. The bunches are relatively elongated and often with two shoulders, with berries which turn golden when fully ripe. Muscat is unique in that the “grapey”, spicy flavour found in the fresh fruit is also found in the finished wine. The wine is unashamedly aromatic and elegant, dry, youthful and zesty with grapey fruit and lots of freshness.


Cellaring potential: 2 years.


Food Combination The perfect aperitif wine and delicious with spicy hors d'oeuvres and fish based dishes. Serve lightly chilled: 10° C.


Grape Variety: Moscato giallo (“Golden Muscat”)


Vineyards: Grown in gravely, sandy soils.


Yielding: 75 hl/ha


Winemaking: After fermentation in stainless-steel tanks at a constant temperature of approx. 18° C, it remains for several months in tanks on its fine lees before bottling.

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