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Your one-stop shop for the best fine wines at incredible prices.
Importing wines that tell the story of time. Wines have an enormous power to travel you to the time (and place) where they were crafted. While many other foods can do this, wine has a special power because it brings back the memories, Of everything it has been through.

Finest wines knocking on your doors since 2019. We are the fine wine importer in malta.
Perhaps you're sitting back and enjoying a pre-dinner aperitif at home, investing in your cellar collection, or about to disclose something special to someone special. Briffa wine selections offer you the bottle to accompany your special moment. Briffa Wine Selections is committed to bringing distinct and memorable wines that speak stories of time and place with every sip. We invite our guests to experience the gracious, and unhurried life. Briffa Wine Selections came into existence to showcase fine wines and to introduce the world to our island's various wine selections from lesser-known regions that work with indigenous grape varieties or specialize with specific grape varieties. We provide wine in wholesale in Malta region at very much affordable prices.

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Briffa wine selection is your top choice for gifting loved ones.
Briffa Wine Selections in Malta will surprise you with its huge range of high-quality wines. All of the store's wine selections from Italy, France and Spain wine regions can be delivered to any location in Malta. If you're paying the first visit to your in-laws, our distinctive wine collection can help you create a great first impression. We provide a wide range of one-of-a-kind wines that are perfect for any occasion and cuisine whether it be a corporate bonding occasion or your first visit to your in-laws, your occasion can become more noteworthy with our fantastic collection of wines. in wholesale also .
Our Winemakers
We work with experienced winemakers honed with wine making skills who are specialized in creating expressive wines with soul, bringing a wealth of knowledge from their vast experience as producers of wines.You will experience the magic once you open a bottle.
The New Wine Store of the City
There is no place in Malta where you can find a diverse assortment of wine of indigenous grape varieties, wine regions and great producers of wine. We've been working hard to cultivate winery partnerships to provide you with everything from big-name, critically acclaimed wines to small-production, one-of-a-kind bottles from Italy, Spain and France. Everything you can discover under one roof. We take great care of your wine before you even place an order by handling warehousing ourselves.We hope you’ll find our service useful as we are the fine wine importer in malta .