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Maison Angelvin

Maison Angelvin



Past Traditions​

Inspired by stories of antiquity in which Phoenicians , Greeks and Romans had produced the first wines of the area, Louis Angelvin set out to create a refined wine reflective of the natural beauty of the region. As a civil engineer astute in geology and with an extensive knowledge of the mineral composition of Provence he was able to balance and extract the subtitles of the soil and take advantage of the fact that well-maintained vines could hold infinite possibilities and substantially influence the taste of the wine.


The history of wine in France is older than the country itself. The ideal climate of the south of France has long seduced ancient Greek explorers and Romans alike. For over 2600 years, the coast of provence has been home to the oldest vineyards of France. The quality of the rosé and it’s distinctly pale pink color, has made Cotes de Provence a top player on the international stage.

Maison Angelvin vineyard located in the hills of saint Tropez, France profits from the unique microclimate of the peninsula. The grapes are bathed with sun over 300 days a year and well watered by the heavy rains of the winter months. Grapes of grenache tibourin and mourvedre are harvested by hand at night by the family and groups of friends. It is a labor of love,sweat and passion, which culminates at sunrise when everyone sits down to break bread together. The vineyard pays homage to life’s richest moments, one drop at a time.


THE FAMILY When Louis Angelvin passed away, he left the keys to his estate to his son Jacques and grand-daughter Véronique. Jacques Angelvin was a well-known French television personality, who had received some notoriety for his involvement in the French Connection. His gregarious social nature allowed Maison Angelvin to receive attention beyond the beaches of Saint-Tropez. Operated now by Louis Angelvin’s great-grandson, Logan, Maison Angelvin remains a family-owned and operated business which has expanded beyond the Provence region to delight and tantalize on a global scale.

Maison Angelvin Gallery

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