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O Luar do Sil (D.O. Valdeorras)

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

LUAR [From Galician]

Radiance of the Moon.

Founded in 2014 in the town of Seadur, in the province of Ourense, O Luar do Sil is the Rodero Villa family's Galician winery. Their passion and determination are the driving force behind this new venture.

For a long time we have had the dream of producing a white wine based on our philosophy. We wanted a special wine that was complex, intense and long-lasting. That search for authenticity took us to the Valdeorras designation of origin in Galicia. This small, traditional wine producing area has a rare treasure, the Godello native grape variety.

Its river, the Sil, carves out a valley with slate and granite soils, and with its own unique climate.

The particular conditions in Valdeorras mean that the Godello grape makes wines that are subtle, mineral and fresh, with the complexity they need to evolve over the passage of time.

We consolidated this venture with a winery in the town of Seadur, in Ourense, named O Luar do Sil as a special tribute to its river and its magical moon.

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