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Pago de los Capellanes Doroteo

Pago de los Capellanes Doroteo

We celebrate our  25th Anniversary  with a  recognition  of the winegrowers who preceded us, in particular  our grandfather Doroteo .

And also with an  exciting look  towards the new paths that we will travel.

Nature, vineyard, landscape and wines; a family passion that grows through the years.

Very close to the current winery there is a  small and appreciated plot of old vines of fine red wine . From its grapes, harvested by hand, grain by grain, we make Doroteo.

singular energy beats in Doroteo  . The very deep roots seem to give the vines concentration and balance of nuances. It is a mature and fresh wine at the same time, a paradox that only the oldest and well-managed vineyards can solve.

Fermentation with native yeasts allows the maximum expression and typicality of the origin to be preserved  . 


A long aging process (36 months in French oak barrels and at least another 24 months in the bottle) offers an elegant and powerful wine, an exponent of classicism and long life. 


We enjoy remembering  the legacy of our grandfather  and toasting this quarter of a century that has brought so much satisfaction.

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