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Bodegas Marisol Rubio

We are Piedad and Jorge, siblings from a traditional family of farmers. Five generations. We were born between vines, olive trees, and grain, in the small town of Villanueva de Alcardate in Toledo. Our parents, Cipriano and Marisol, taught us to love and respect nature. We have seen our forefathers “give their all” in the fields, planting and caring for their crops. As children, we also helped in many of these duties, including pruning vines, picking olives, and the harvest. All of this formed parts of our childhood and adolescence. Conscious of the importance of having a solid education, we decided to study Journalism and Industrial Engineering in University Carlos III of Madrid. Afterwards, we completed postgraduate studies in the United States and Germany.

Many of our stories come from the vineyards, which are everything for us. We have good years, and others in which months-long work is stopped short by the season. Yet, this is life when you are in the hands of nature. The moments of joy of viewing your grapes and olives develop with the same love and care with which they were created compensate for everything. And now the satisfaction of having developed a wine and oil marked for their exclusivity, their delicate care, and our complete dedication. Products which are the result of the grand labor of our father, Cipriano Garrido, in the agricultural work where for many years, he prized quality over quantity. Life, which in these unexpected moments can devastate a crop, quickly carried away our mother. Her joy, her drive, and her passion for life inspired us to create the brand Marisol Rubio, a brand marked by sublime flavor, exquisite taste, and unique aromas.

Marisol Rubio Logo

The Vineyard

Located at an altitude of 837 meters, most of our 25 hectares are vineyards devoted to varieties such as Pedro Ximenez, Tempranillo or the indigenous Airen.
Nowadays, fields are structured into lots, which are cultivated and harvested specifically according to our varietal catalog. Our Pedro Ximenez fields have inspired us to create CIPMA, our flagship wine resembling our unique countryside landmark. Our soils are mainly made of limestone and are mild on organic matter. Its composition, in addition to its altitude, make our fields produce unique and innovative wines. They exhibit character, elegance, crispness and long guard capabilities proper of border vineyards, which distinguish our grapes from other fields in the region.
The hardiness of our soil, suitable only for sturdy crops like vine, in addition to the extraordinary temperature gap between winter and summer, as well as night and day, confer a special acidity and a low PH to grapes, so that we they provide full phenolic, maturity with compromising on excessive alcoholic graduation, which is always kept under 14 degrees.

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