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My First Steps........ into the Wine World

My First steps in wine were instigated by seeing my own Father’s Collection of wine always stacked away from unreachable arms of my own and other family members. Although sometime a bottle had the misfortune to being opened by mistake by my mother whenever she doesn’t find that affordable wine in the open to all reachable area.

At 18 years old I started buying collectible and great wines for my Father whenever was his birthday, Father’s day and Christmas, eventually this took me to start searching and reading which wines were more sought after in the wine world and also urged me to start tasting different wines the local and foreign market had to offer.

Eventually a few years passed and I started also my own collection of wine buying a few bottles a year and storing them in a self made cellar.

After a 100 bottles and a few wine cellar visits abroad i decided to start studying more about wine and this took me to undertake the WSET course up to level 3 which helped me a lot in my tasting development whilst continuous reading and searching about the subject. All my friends always relied on me during lunch or dinner which wines we choose and also if they were privately dining they would text for my suggestion. Therefore the subject of starting something in wine was always on my mind and I was always encouraged to either start making wine, or importing wine or opening a wine bar or a wine shop.

This got me more thinking of what my next step should be.....

After various discussions with my family, I decided to start my own small project of importing wines especially from Wineries that work with indigenous grape varieties or they specialized with certain grape varieties from lesser known region thus bringing a new diversity to our beautiful island.


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